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A cosmetic stand for lipsticks or others from "Tangled" is now available.


A gorgeous design based on Rapunzel's tiara. The large and small stones and pearls give off a sparkling finish. The five holes in the center can store your lipsticks.


The cosmetic stand with delicate decorations will make your dressing table look great. Items with Disney princesses as motifs are also recommended as gifts.





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About this product


Package: Height approx. 10.3 x Width 11.5 x Depth 10 (cm)

Main unit: Height approx. 6.7 x Width 8.7 x Depth 8.5 (cm)

Material: Zinc alloy, resin, acrylic

Weight: Overall: Approx. 255 (g) / Main unit: Approx. 182 (g)

Target age: 15 years old and above


*Hole diameter size: Approx. 22 (mm)

For safe use

・Please read the instructions carefully before use and follow the instructions to use safely and correctly.

Japan Disney store Rapunzel Cosmetic Stand Tiara

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