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An oval interior mat with a motif of "Tangled".

The picture that Rapunzel and the children drew on the ground in the story is woven. It has a calm atmosphere with elegant colors.

The back side is designed to be non-slip.


[Please note]

*Release date and sales stores may change without notice.


[About wrapping]

*The original gift bag suitable for this product is XL size. (It is different from the wrapping service)


FEEL LIKE RAPUNZEL series is here

About this product


Approx. 50cm length x 60cm width x 1.5cm thickness

Material: Surface (polyester, cotton, rayon, nylon, acrylic) / Back (polyester)

Weight: Approx. 290g

Target: 15 years old and over

For safe use

・Please read the instructions before use and follow the instructions to use safely and correctly.

Japan Disney Store Tangled Matte FEEL LIKE RAPUNZEL

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