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Size and Chart

Different costume made by different size,  check their slide for the size chart. 

To make the bespoke/ custom made dress more detail, please provide us below measurement in cm or inch ( Cm is preferred): shoulder length, arm length, Bust, waist, hip and the total height.

Secret honey costume are made only one size/ fixed size only. The size is about Asian girl size S/M. about US women size 2-6,  It is not allow any custom made size. 

All measurements provided on our product pages are of the actual dress, not the body size it will fit.

We recommend leaving a minimum of 1-4cm of room in the bust and a minimum of least 3-6cm of room in the Waist, hips for a comfortably loose fit. 

If your body size range always change we always make dress in lace up back as default. So customer could wear their dress by their different situations.

Some tips


Sizing for your dress Length to be Touching the Ground


 ft/ inches cm

4'9"      145cm

4'10"     147.5cm

4'11"     150cm

5'0"      152.5cm

5'1"      155cm

5'2"      157.5cm

5'3"      160cm

5'4"      162.5cm

5'5"      165cm

5'6"      167.5cm

5'7"      170cm

5'8"      172.5cm

5'9"      175cm

5'10"     177.5cm

5'11"     180cm

6'0"      182.5cm

6'1"      185cm

6'2"      187.5cm

6'3"      190cm

The Default Woman Size Chart in inch.

螢幕截圖 2022-03-30 01.01.54.png
螢幕截圖 2022-02-28 17.23.20.png



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