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From the "Rapunzel on the Tower", a Bluetooth speaker light with a motif of lanterns appeared.Convenient items with wireless speakers and touch lights.

In addition to connecting to Bluetooth compatible models such as smartphones, tablets, and PC, SD card music playback and handsfree calls are also possible!

Light lights when touching the mesh part at the top of the speaker. Depending on the length of the touch and the number of times, you can adjust the color and brightness of the light

!A nice space production with sound and light comes true


♪★ Products suitable for this product "Gift Bag Disney Store original" is M size (unlike wrapping service)

About this product


Package: Height about 14.5 × width 11 × depth 11 (cm)

Body: Height about 12.2 × diameter 9.5 (cm)

USB cable: length approximately 73 (cm)

Material: ABS / Metal

Weight: Overall: about 470 (g) / Body: about 364 (g)

Target: 15 years old or older

[About delivery to Okinawa Prefecture]

This product can not be delivered to Okinawa Prefecture. If you ordered, it will take about one week to 10 days before delivery. Please note.


* LED Size: 2835

* Battery (lithium ion): 3.7V

* Speaker output: 3W

* Driver unit: φ52 mm, 4 ohm, 3w

* Audio input: Jack Cable 3.5mm

* Input power supply: DC5V / 500mA




★この商品に適した商品「ギフトバッグ ディズニーストア オリジナル」はMサイズです(ラッピングサービスとは異なります)★


サイズ: パッケージ:高さ約14.5×幅11×奥行き11(cm)

素材: ABS/メタル

重さ: 全体:約470(g)/本体:約364(g)

対象: 15才以上

*オーディオ入力:ジャックケーブル 3.5mm
*入力電源:DC5V / 500mA



Japan Disney store Tangled Rapunzel on the Tower Bluetooth speaker light


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