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🎁 Secret Honey Deluxe bouquet Dress(Beauty and the Beast ver)❤️Disney movie "Beauty and the Beast" bouquet dress appeared as a deluxe version.You can see how deluxe it’s:)The lovely flare sleeve, bone corset and a volume full of flared skirt peeked by frills tulle from the hem.A large floral print, soft chiffon 's 3 - D flower, And belle cartoon side face.The lace up is adjustable. 
Flexible waistband and back-band


Bustier[Exact size] 41.5 cm
[Bust] 88.2 cm ~ 102 cm
[Waist] 67cm - 82cm
[Actual size] 8.5 cm + 103 cm + 4 cm
[Waist] 66 cm - 84.6 cm

MaterialPolyester 100%

Secret Honey Secret Honey Belle Deluxe bouquet Dress(Beauty and the Beast )